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Limousin Bull
Carefully modelled and hand painted this Limousin Bull is a fine example of the breed. It...
Hereford Bull (Horned)
Hereford Bull ‰ÛÒ Horned Carefully modelled and hand decorated, this Hereford Bull is a fine...
Highland Cow
Highland Cow14cm (h)
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Texel Ewe
The British Texel is a medium sized sheep with a long rectangular body, well-proportioned with...
Suffolk Ewe
Known for their black legs & faces, Suffolk’s are a result of crossing Southdown rams...
Jersey Cow
Carefully modelled and hand painted this Jersey Cow is a fine example of the breed....
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Black Faced Ewe
Black Faced Ewe8.5cm (h)
Buff Orpington Cockerel
Buff Orpington Cockerel Fine modelling and hand decoration has created life-like detail of this Buff...
Rhode Island Red Hen
Rhode Island Red Cockerel12.5cm (h)
Rhode Island Red Cockerel
Rhode Island Red Cockerel14.5cm (h)
Highland Calf
Highland Calf11cm (h)
Holstein Cow
Holstein Cow12.5cm (h)
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