Leslie Gerry

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Leslie Gerry Cat Vase
Perfect for any cat lover. The bold red and teal background matches the striking black...
£38.00 £28.50
Leslie Gerry Pheasant Vase
A striking pheasant strolls around the side of this vase. Its bold coloured feathers and...
£38.00 £28.50
Leslie Gerry Spaniel Vase
The bright yellow background of this artwork, frames this friendly Spaniel carefully. Taking inspiration from...
£38.00 £28.50
Leslie Gerry Westie Vase
The vivid colours in the background of this artwork highlight the features of this fun...
£38.00 £28.50
Leslie Gerry Fox Vase
The prowling fox is framed attractively by the bold background colours. Taking inspiration from the...
£38.00 £28.50
Leslie Gerry Collie Vase
This fun loving Collie has been framed effortlessly by the intense background colours. Taking inspiration...
£38.00 £28.50