Affiliate Program

To enable you to join in and take part in our growing success, if you have a web site or Blog that attracts visitors that might be interested in purchasing our products, then a great way for you to earn extra money is is join the affiliate campaign in promoting our famous English name associated with fine ceramic hand painted models and gifts, receiving a commission every time someone clicks a link or advert from your website and places an order with our website.

We have developed the tools within our site to automatically track and reward individual websites in their help to make a sale on our website. We pay 10% commission on all sales sold minus the delivery and VAT charges subject to the cookie period being less than that stipulated in our Terms & Conditions (30 days).

How does it work?

1. Affiliate (you) advertise/promote our products on your site
2. Customer clicks on link
3. Customer buys our product
4. Affiliate earns commission from us

Easy to set up.
Upon sign up you will receive your own unique URL which will automatically track all sales you generate. We will also provide you with banner ads to display and text links that you can just choose to add to your site with a simple copy & paste. We aim to highly relevant banner ads for each of our collections, so if you're site has a special interest, we'll make sure you have a display ad that fits well with your site.
i.e. A sheep dog trail website will receive a display advert with a Collie Dogs on. Should we not have the perfect advert for you, just contact us and we'll design one for you.